APTOS Technology

APTOS Technology provides solid connector solutions for the ever-changing electronic Industry.

The company manufactures with Standard MIL102E, AQL0.65 Major, QC Control, and FIFO Inventory System. The plating house is ISO-14000 certified, and our manufacturing facilities both ISO9001 and ISO9002 Certified.

APTOS Technology expertise include in-house design engineers, expandability to increase production capability, automated assembly lines and flexibility. This allows to develop, manufacture, and provide high quality, consistent, first-to market products.


  • Box Headers
  • Cable Connectors
  • Compact Flash
  • Edge Card Connectors
  • Female Headers
  • Flat Cable Assemblies
  • IDC Sockets
  • Jumpers
  • MPCI
  • PC-104 Connectors
  • PC-104 Plus Connectors
  • PCI Connectors
  • Pin Headers
  • Polarization Key
  • SDMC
  • Shrouded Headers