Changzhou Jianli Electronic co.,ltd. is one of the leading manufactures of EMI Fitlers in China. Over 50 years professional manufacturing experince and high reputation are our advantage. We are qualified ISO 9001-2008 of Filters lines in China. And our filters have been formally certified by the listed agency: UL,CSA,VDE (The certificate below).

     Our power line filters are applied widely in electronic equipments ,and had been successively assembled to electronic rectangular cabinets,launch vehicles,ocean-going scientific investigation ships,and even spacecrafts.Meanwhile,our products earned the commendation of correlaton departments.

     Our company will provide free EMC pretesting (HP EMC testing instrum-ents) For customers. All the products will facilitate your electronic equipments to suppress effectively the electromagnetic interference transmitted along the power line and to meet the requirement of EMC standards.