Spansion is a leading provider of the Flash memory technology at the heart of the world’s electronics systems. The company’s products power everything from the routers that run the internet to the highly interactive and immersive consumer and automotive electronics that are enriching people’s daily lives.

Spansion's broad and differentiated Flash memory product portfolio, award-winning MirrorBit® charge trapping technology, and industry leading service and support enable customers to achieve greater efficiency and success in their target markets. Leading OEMs in the automotive, consumer and gaming, communications, and industrial segments rely on Spansion’s Flash memory solutions.


Industry-Leading Customer Service

Customers come first at Spansion. Meeting customers’ specific design needs and providing industry-leading customer support is in the company’s DNA.

Spansion's embedded customers require a higher level of service and support compared to commodity Flash memory users -- in some cases requiring products to span a decade of production, with specific feature sets and wide operating temperatures. Spansion has spent many years refining its product and service strategy to address these market requirements. Leading OEMs have come to depend on the reliability and longevity of products Spansion delivers.


Award-Winning Mirrorbit Charge Trapping Technology

Spansion's history is rich with technological innovation and market leadership that dates back to the early days of Flash memory. Its proprietary and patented MirrorBit charge trapping technology is a disruptive Flash memory technology that offers major improvements relative to Floating Gate technology with a higher density and simpler process.

MirrorBit charge trapping technology forms the foundation for enabling cost-effective, smaller and more powerful Flash memory solutions optimized for both code execution and data storage.

MirrorBit charge trapping technology can be used in a broad variety of high performance, cost-effective nonvolatile memory products from NOR Flash, NAND Flash, EEPROM, ROM to Embedded Flash memory.


Fab-Lite Manufacturing

Spansion operates a manufacturing model that utilizes efficient, low-cost internal manufacturing, augmented with production capacity at third party companies, leveraging these relationships for lower cost advanced R&D and production capability.

Fab25 in Austin, TX, with 110nm, 90nm and 65nm production capability, is the core of this flexible manufacturing strategy. Spansion can tune the product mix within these three technologies at Fab25 and leverage its network of foundry partners as needed to fulfill customer demand.

Our highly flexible network builds upon Spansion's internal manufacturing excellence and provides the capacity Spansion needs for the future with a cost structure that ensures a continual cost reduction path for our customers.